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Portable Exchange Deionization

portable deionization tanks Culligan Reno, Nevada

Culligan PEDI - Portable Exchange Deionizers

At Culligan® Commercial & Industrial we understand various water solutions and portable water deionization water needs in Reno and throughout Nevada and Northern California. Our local water experts understand and plan a system that meets your specific high purity water requirements.  

  • Continuous High-Purity Water
  • Portable or Temporary PEDI System
  • Adjustable Deionization Usage
  • Eliminate Chemical & Hazardous Waste Handling

Culligan Portable Exchange Deionization Advantages

Culligan® Industrial provides numerous advantages for oil and gas facilities and drilling sites. We work with facilities of all sizes and levels of service.

  • Culligan Durability & Reliability
  • Culligan Experience & Expertise
  • Rental Fees Instead of Capital Investment
  • Installed & Maintained By Culligan
  • Proprietary Regeneration System For Maximum Quality
  • Designed To Meet Your Specific Needs
  • GBE Smart Advanced Monitoring
Reno NV free water quality testing in-home by Culligan

Culligan Portable Exchange Deionization Brochure

Download portable exchange deionization services brochure from Culligan of Reno, Nevada.