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Reno, Nevada Water Problems - Hard Water, Arsenic, Contaminants

Water problems in Reno, NV are an important concern as the Sparks-Reno area experiences rapid growth, while added stressors to supply include declining snow-packs and extreme weather. The latest water quality report for Reno, Nevada can be found by entering your address on the Truckee Meadow Water Authority water quality reports page

You Could Give Your People Culligan Water in Reno, Nevada

FREE in-home water analysis in Reno, including a site survey and no-obligation water treatment solution estimate by Culligan water expert.

Carson City Water Softeners & Water Softening Systems

Is hard water causing dry skin & hair, soap scum, scale build-up, or reducing water using appliance life. Adding a whole home water softener in Reno, NV is often the best solution to the damaging effects of hard water.

  • Softer Water
  • Reduced Soap Scum
  • Softer Clothing
  • Spot Free Dishes
  • Lower Water Heating Bills
  • Increased Water-Using Appliance Lifespan

Reno Water Filters & Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Culligan of Reno is your source for reverse osmosis drinking water systems in Reno and throughout the region. Culligan under sink reverse osmosis (RO) drinking water systems remove foreign contaminants, solid substances, large molecules and minerals by pressuring it through specialized membranes. When our Culligan water expert provides your free water test, we design a customized water filtration system specific to the water problems in your home.

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Bottled Water Delivery

In addition to our bottle free office water coolers and home reverse osmosis drinking water systems, are a Reno water delivery service for bottled water. Culligan of Reno delivers clean, refreshing, great tasting Culligan purified water or Red Rock Spring Water, and coffee products to your home or office.

Home Water Delivery

Scheduled water delivery in BPA-free bottles. If you are searching for the best home water delivery service in Reno or throughout the region in NV or CA, we deliver cost effective Culligan purified water or all natural Red Rock Spring Water right to your door.

Office Water Delivery

Keep your employees, guests, clients, patients, or customers hydrated and happy with our office bottled water delivery service.

Our Culligan Water Experts Know Reno, Nevada Water

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