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Culligan® Salt Free Water Softener Alternatives

Culligan Aquasential Salt-Free Water Softener Conditioner NV, CA

Aquasential™ Salt-Free Water Conditioner

Hard water is a common problem in Reno and throughout Nevada and California. Adding a Culligan Aquasential™ Salt-Free Water Conditioner provides an environmentally friendly water softening solution which reduces limescale and neutralize contaminants without the need for salt or a regeneration cycle as with traditional high efficiency water softeners.   

  • Electricity & Water Savings
  • Preserves Healthy Minerals
  • Reduced Scale Build-Up On Appliances
  • Cleaner Dishes
  • Reduction in Chlorine Taste & Odors
  • No Salt Needed
  • Reduces Limescale

Aquasential™ Salt-Free Water Conditioner Benefits in Nevada & California

Benefits of an Aquasential™ Salt-Free Water Conditioner include:

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Electricity & Water Savings
  • Easy Cleaning of Shower Walls & Sinks
  • Fresher Water
  • Healthier Minerals
  • Cleaner Dishes
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