Whole Home & Well Water Filtration Systems

Hans RO Reverse Osmosis water filter Culligan Nevada

Whole Home Water Filter Systems & Well Water Filtration

Improving the water quality for you and your family by delivering cleaner, healthier water to every faucet in your home for everyday use.   

  • High Quality Drinking Water in Every Faucet
  • Extends life of water using appliances
  • Consistent High Quality Water For Cooking 
  • Clean Residue Free Dishes
  • Prevent Scratches on Cookware
  • Streak Free Car Washing
  • Cleaner, Softer Laundry

Culligan Water Filtration System Benefits in Nevada

You could give your people Culligan Water. Culligan drinking water filtration systems in Nevada reduce lead, arsenic, pesticide runoff, iron, sulfur, sediment, and other contaminants. Provide you family with an endless supply of cleaner, safer, great-tasting water!

Culligan rep showing homeowner in Nevada Culligan Connect app


Monitor contaminants being reduced, track daily water usage, and receive filter change notifications right from your phone using the Culligan Connect™ app. If you have a water softener system installed, you can even bypass it right from your device when you are doing things like watering the lawn or washing your car. If you are traveling, you can feel safe from pipe bursts and leaks as the app is monitoring for unexpected water flow. Read More >>