Why Choose Culligan Over Big Box Stores?

Considering a water treatment system for your home? It's tempting to be swayed by the appealing discounts at big box stores. However, the real value of a water treatment system lies not in the upfront cost, but in the quality, service, and reliability it brings to your home over time.

Superior Product Quality

Big box stores often prioritize profit, leading to frequent changes in suppliers to minimize costs. This can result in a lack of consistency, making it difficult to find replacement parts or receive adequate service in the future. Culligan, however, stands for unwavering quality.
We’re proud of our ISO certification and the numerous patents we hold — a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our in-house manufacturing ensures consistent quality across all Culligan products, regardless of where you purchase them. With Culligan, you’re investing in dependability and peace of mind.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Worlds most efficient
NSF Certification | Culligan of Reno
UL Certified Company in Bakersfield, Tehachapi, Delano, Frazier Park, Shafter
Water Quality Association Tested and Certified Under Industry Standards

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service might not be a deal-breaker for everyday items, but when it comes to an essential home system like water treatment, it’s crucial. Culligan offers an unparalleled customer experience, starting with a complimentary, no-obligation water test conducted by your local Culligan expert. This personalized approach ensures that we understand your unique water challenges and can recommend the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Expertise and Knowledge

Unlike the generalist approach of big box store employees, Culligan’s team is composed of trained water experts. Our specialists possess deep knowledge about each of our products and are equipped to guide you to the perfect solution for your home and lifestyle.

Professional Installation and Maintenance

While big box stores may outsource their installation and maintenance services, often opting for the lowest bidder, Culligan ensures that only experienced, trained technicians install and maintain our systems. This guarantees a level of care and expertise that is hard to find elsewhere, backed by robust warranties and ongoing support.

The Culligan Difference

Choosing Culligan means more than just getting a water treatment system; it means choosing a partner dedicated to providing you with the best water and service possible. Our experts not only help you identify the right solutions but also stand by you throughout the lifetime of your system, ensuring your water is always at its best.
Experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve chosen the highest quality water treatment solutions for your home. Begin your journey to better water today with a free water test from your local Culligan expert. Choose quality, choose reliability, choose Culligan.

See Why People Choose Culligan

Shirley Brown
Shirley Brown
16:11 06 Mar 24
The best service and the best water.
Dylan Scofield
Dylan Scofield
16:58 22 Feb 24
Here in Truckee, CA the arsenic levels are extremely high in the tap water. We absolutely love our Red Rocks Spring Water from Culligan Water in Reno!! The Culligan Water representatives are very professional and easy to work with. Their delivery service is amazing. Highly recommend
Prattana Kennedy
Prattana Kennedy
19:30 07 Feb 24
During the past three years Culligan Water of Reno has assisted us with multiple water issues, from simple to complex. Friendly, dependable, and professional, we are very satisfied with their services.
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